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We are trained in detecting the sources and location of noxious smells, and are proficient in the application of chemical solutions. We have special enzyme abstergents and powerful oxidizing agents that reach deep within the carpet and padding to neutralize the bacteria and protein molecules that cause the offensive smell of pet excretions. In addition, we have very powerful extraction machines capable of thoroughly flushing any residual materials for a clean carpet that is free of offensive smells and stains.  

When accidents happen, quick action is necessary to contain the urine or excrement as much as possible. Liquid substances penetrate carpet quickly and tend to fester deep in the padding, even when the surface appears to be clean. In order to achieve complete neutralization of urine odor and pet stains, the services of a professionally certified Odor Control Technician are indispensable.

We have spared no expense in researching and learning the best methods of pet urine and odor removal. America's Best Carpet and Tile Cleaning uses only the safest, most effective pet-friendly solutions to rid you and your home of those embarrassing, unhealthy odors!

     Most spots are organic in nature. They attract soil like a magnet. Pet urine left untreated tends to remove carpet dyes, creating stains that are usually permanent. Urine when excreted by the family pet, is at body temperature. It readily penetrates the carpet fiber.

     Gravity pulls the contamination down through porous materials. As each layer becomes affected, the problem grows and solutions become more complex. Often, when a small problem is observed on the surface, closer investigation reveals a much larger problem below.


At America’s Best there are several techniques we can use for urine odor control to address the problem. For heavily soiled areas the following is a sample of the procedure that might be necessary;

·     Inspect the room/home and detect pet deposits with the help of an ultraviolet light.

·     Power vacuuming to remove loose offending matter that might be deep within the carpeting.

·     Uninstall carpet and remove/replace contaminated carpet cushion.

·     Treat and seal the sub-floor to encapsulate and kill the odor causing bacteria.

·     Replace carpet cushion and reinstall carpet onto tack strip.

·     Pre-treatment of affected areas using our specialized live cultured bacteria’s to digest and destroy the bacteria on both sides of the carpet.

·     Flush affected areas to remove bacteria and protein contaminants from carpet and padding.

·     Hot water extraction to permanently remove olfactory pollutants.

·     Apply stain remover.

·     Speed dry carpeting.


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